8- Lateran and Caracalla


Most of the preserved Aurelian Wall stand in the South and the East side of the city and here are the best preserved gateways. Porta Ardeatina, Porta San Sebastiano (once Porta Appia), Porta Metronia, Porta Asinaria close to Porta San Giovanni, Porta Maggiore (once Porta Prenestina) originally part of the aqueduct built by the Emperor Claudius, Porta San Lorenzo (once Porta Tiburtina).

In this suburban area of the imperial Rome there are many important archaeological relics. The vast ruins of Caracalla's Baths completed by the Emperor in A.D. 217. Over 1,500 bathers at a time could enjoy the facilities.

The Arch of Dolabella possibly belonging to the old Servian Wall.

The Columbarium of Pomponius Hylas, the tomb of the Scipios, the Arch of Drusus. At a side of Piazza San Giovanni can be seen a well preserved section of Nero's Aqueduct. Near Porta Maggiore stands the typical tomb of the rich baker Eurysaces and his wife Atistia, built in 30 B.C..