6- Esquiline


The Esquiline is the largest and highest of the seven hills of Rome, his western slops overlooking the Forum housed the Suburra (crowded slums of Rome). A high wall did separate the Forum of Augustus from the Suburra. On the eastern side there were a few sumptuous villas belonging to wealthy men as Maecenas, adviser to Augustus and patron of arts. All that remains of the fantastic villa and gardens of Maecenas is a little site called Auditorium of Maecenas.

On the South side of the Hill, called Colle Oppio, there are the remains of Baths of Titus, the Baths of Trajan and close to Colosseum the Nero's Golden House (Domus Aurea).

In the Via Carlo Alberto you can see the arch of Gallienus squashed between two buildings.