A book from 1876

photo 1Preface

From pipe smoker to pipe and pipe book collector- it doesn't take long! It was during my research on pipe and tobacco literature that I came across this curious little book. It is a small book by an anonymous writer entitled "Il Fumatore e Tabaccone" published in Milan in 1879. It is a paperback edition, and has 158 pages and 177 drawings, and 5 full page drawings. . This "almanac", as it is defined in the "Dedication to the Italian people", is divided into chapters. I inserted the index myself, as the 1879 edition did not have one. The book is dedicated to tobacco, pipes and pipe-smoking history, traditions and customs. I had never heard of the existence of this book before, but I decided that it would have been too egoistical to keep it for myself, and so I decided to edit an anastatic reprint of it and share the interesting subject matter and caricatured drawings with other pipe-smokers. Have a pleasant read... with your friendly pipe in your mouth, of course!