Konor cleansing milk - It is considered by everyone to be absolutely the best milk for its formulation which allows cleansing and moisturizing at the same time. It is also recommended for removing eye makeup and this proves its absolute harmlessness and delicacy.

Fitamid mineral water - This tonic uses low saline mineral water as a vehicle because it gives the skin all the low saline elements necessary for the horny layer of the skin as they are the minerals contained in low saline mineral water. The tonic also contains camomile, mallow and hamamelis virginica which together with the low saline elements of the water form a first-grade product in terms of tonic for the face.

Konor moisturizing cream - The moisturizing cream contains triglycerides and fatty alcohols made of first grade C22 substances, beeswax and selected spermaceti. The cream is particularly adapted for dry and dehydrated skin.

Konor fluid - This cream lotion for the face contains linoleate lanolin, behenyl alcohol, ceteareth 7-paraffinum liquidum - methylparaben and ethylparaben. The product is fragrance-free and is very useful after applications of therapeutic creams or creams with retinoids. It is particularly useful after applications of glycolic acid or creams.

Konor Tonic solution - It contains clear rose water, distilled water from clear hamamelis, camphor, menthol, chlorophyll coloring. This tonic for the face is useful for oily skin and especially for men for use after shaving to eliminate irritation from shaving creams and to encourage the oxidation and closing of skin irritations on the horny layer of the face.