Fitamid Bath - This fitoamid bath powder contains pure starch needles, sodium sesquicarbonate, NA2, CO3, NA, HCO3, H20, sodium bicarbonate F.U., total extracts of officinal herbs and aromatic essences. Just dissolve 80 grams of powder (equivalent to three tablespoons) in a tub of warm water. Soak for 15 minutes in the tub, dry off and see immediate advantages for your skin. It is especially indicated for redness, allergies, itching, dry skin, rosacea, skin rashes and for newborn babies during diaper use.

FITAMID dermatologic soap - This soap containing bran cleanses and nourishes skin with the active ingredients contained in bran. It has the following composition: micronized bran 1%, rice starch, .5%, coconut oil, 20%. It is fragrance free and use of this product will not irritate skin as with common soaps especially those which contain fragrances. Advantages of this particular soap can be appreciated with long-term use, and persons who use it agree that their skin becomes soft, moist, elastic and has a freshly pleasant feeling.

FITAMID Body moisturizer - A moisturizing cream for the entire body. It contains benylic alcohol, spermaceti and fatty oxylated alcohols (mixture created in two phases, the first, watery, the second, fatty). The product is placed in a turbine and then in a vacuum. It is excellent for dry or dehydrated skin and for the prevention of such by constantly keeping the body's skin nourished.