Konorderm capsules contain two essential pharmacological ingredients: the union of inositol, Vitamin E and Vitamin PP (amide in niacin). The action taken by these three substances is above all at the vessel level, thus acting on cardiovascular trophisms.

Added to the above-mentioned three substances are beta-carotene (ProVitamin A), selenium and sinistrogyric cystine which neutralize free radicals responsible for the oxidation processes of the human organism.

With the synergistic actions described above, the immune capacity is increased and above all the organism is more likely to produce auxiliary T cells, a particular kind of immune cell useful against viruses and in increasing the body's defenses.

The presence of beta-carotene is also useful in protecting skin from the damaging effects of ultraviolet sun rays and in protecting the horny layer of the skin. Sinistrogyric cystine and selenium allow for a better oxidation of surface vessels on the scalp and thus favour hair growth and strengthening, in addition to being helpful for fragile nails.